Introducing the Pre-Graduate Spotlight Series!

Last year, Psychology in Action celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary here at UCLA! Over the years, we have published hundreds of blog posts, hosted numerous of science communication events, and have continued to provide UCLA psychology graduate students the opportunity to disseminate our research to the community. 

This spring, a select group of PIA graduate students were given the opportunity to mentor an undergraduate, recent grad, or otherwise pre-graduate student affiliated with UCLA. Through this mentorship program, PIA members worked with these trainees to write a PIA blog post about an area of psychology or neuroscience that interests them! For the month of May, we will be posting the articles from these mentorship experiences in a collective series entitled the pre-graduate spotlight series!

As this mentorship experience comes to a close, we would like to thank all of the PIA graduate mentors for their time and all the guest authors for their hard work on their articles.