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  • Social Cognition and Language

    Social Cognition and Language

    Humans and non-human animals alike have to process and respond to specific information about their social environments in order to navigate the social world. But language seems to shape how we process and respond to such information. So are certain forms of social cognition uniquely human?

  • “Ballot Behavior: Politics & Psychology” – May 23, 2016

    “Ballot Behavior: Politics & Psychology” – May 23, 2016

    Psychology in Action is proud to announce our fifth annual interdisciplinary symposium, Monday, May 23rd, 2016, from 4 to 6pm in UCLA’s CNSI Auditorium. The discussion will focus on factors that influence voters’ beliefs and behavior. The event is completely FREE and open to the general public! We hope to see you there!   During the first hour…

  • Social Learning: What do children learn from screens?

    Beginning early in development, children learn from watching others and through social interaction.  Do children learn about the social world when they watch screens, and can that compare with real life? Social interaction is an important pathway towards learning social cognition throughout the lifespan, but may be particularly critical in the first few years of…

  • How much self-control do you really have?

    At this time of year many of us kick back, anticipating that we will reassert self-control in January with New Year’s resolutions. In November, you may have read the post “It’s the season of eating, should we be concerned?” which discussed binge eating. It made me think about the process of making healthy decisions at…