Community Outreach

10/21/2013 – Brain demonstration with UCLA undergraduate students

10/19/2013 – STEAM Nation – Demonstrated a human brain at the Brain Booth (with Interaxon)

3/5/2012 – Pacific Palisades Elementary School – Talks on behavior modification, perceptual learning, and study tips

2/25/2011 – Chrysalis – Talk on working with at-risk populations

1/24/2011 – Pacific Palisades Elementary School – Talk on “Parenting in the Digital Age”

12/10/2010 – Hamilton High School – Presentation to AP Psychology and Psychology classes on conducting research in psychology

5/5/2010 – Daniel Friedman Elementary – Presentation to 4th and 5th graders on impact of media on children

3/14/2010 – Pacific Palisades Elementary School – Talk on Addiction

2/09/2010 – Pacific Palisades Elementary School – Talk on Internet-use

1/28/2010 – Burroughs Middle School – Talk on Cyber-bullying and the Internet


If you would like to talk to us about planning an outreach event with your organization, please email: outreach@psychologyinaction.org