Can i contribute to your blog with a Post?

PIA policy prohibits third parties from posting content to our website. We are a graduate student-run organization and only psychologyand psychology-affiliated students at UCLA are allowed to post. 

i’d like to repost an article originally posted on pia to my website. how do i do that?

Please contact the individual author to discuss this possibility. If you cannot find the contact information for the author, you may email the psychologyinaction.ucla at gmail dot comfor additional assistance. 

How do i contact you to ask another question?

You can reach us at psychologyinaction.ucla at gmail dot com! Unfortunately due to the amount of emails asking for us to post sponsored content, and our clear policy detailed on this page on how we can’t do this, we will not respond to emails asking to post sponsored content. 



Can i pay to sponsor a post on your website?

Nope, sorry. 

what about a link?

Nope =(.

but it’s a really really good one and related to psychology!

That’s awesome! Still cannot post it =(