Mental Notes: Music, Cognition, & the Brain

Thursday, May 23, 2013, 5pm – CNSI Auditorium

Music has a near ubiquitous influence across human culture. Composers, performers, and listeners alike relish the expression of emotion and beauty through melody and rhythm.  When paired with a psychologist’s curiosity and passion for understanding human nature, these fields overlap on countless dimensions.  Whether through cross-cultural examination of musical differences and integration, the neuroscientific study of music in the brain, or exploration of the link between language and music, researchers and musicians take many paths to explore the mental and physical effects music has on humans. This event brings together several experts on psychology and music and will include brief presentations by the panelists, an interactive Q&A, and live musical performances.

– Dr. Mark Tramo, UC Los Angeles
– Dr. Sarah Creel, UC San Diego
– Dr. Petr Janata, UC Davis
– Dr. Martin Monti, UC Los Angeles
– David Rosenboom, CalArts
– Sam Torrisi, UC Los Angeles