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  • Study tips: Going beyond your learning style

    It’s fall again, and we know what that means—football, freshly sharpened pencils, and a (temporary?) surge of interest in making the most out of learning this school year. Parents and teachers tout the same advice: set goals, do all the reading, find one place to study and sit there at the same time every day,…

  • Who can help reduce suicide among lesbian, gay and bisexual adolescents?

    A recent string of suicides by adolescent lesbian, gay and bisexual teens has focused attention on what teachers, parents and peers of these teens can do to help. Psychological research has identified a variety of factors which make a difference for these teens, from supportive school environments to accepting reactions by friends.

  • Can Video Games Transform Learning?

    A lot of really smart people believe that video games are the key to engaging children in school. The question is can video games really teach useful, transferable subjects?  The NY Times magazine just put out an issue discussing this very subject.  They profiled a school called Quest to Learn that has a curriculum around…