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A common but seldom named task is the basis of several modern

Our ancestors evolved alongside friendly microbes. Today, many of these “old friends” have disappeared from our lives. Can we return to the microbial landscape of our past – and should we?

The decision to take a gap year before graduate school can be a tough one. There are many benefits of a gap year and also countless obstacles to taking one. Either way, make sure you make the right choice for you!

Rosy retrospection is the tendency for an individual to evaluate the past more favorably than the present. When the passage of time allows people to recall events through a rosy lens, this may be an adaptive process to maintain well-being.

Lucy Cui

Colors play an important role in data visualization. They can enable an elegant, easy-to-read visualization, but can also confuse viewers when used incorrectly. Read about how to better use colors for your next visualization here.

Anhedonia is a transdiagnostic symptom. Here, we explore what that means and why we should care.


Every attachment style has a benefit and a disadvantage

Why are some White people so upset about critical race theory?Where do these reactions stem from?What are some ways to teach the lessons of CRT without pissing people off?To get to the bottom of these questions, let’s take a look at CRT and then unpack some concepts from social psychology that help shed light on White reactions to racism and White privilege.


Teaching child and adolescents to be critical about what media they are consuming and setting a positive example regarding acceptance of all body shapes and sizes can help to protect against poor body image and disordered eating.

What is the impact of the pandemic and ongoing Anti-Asian sentiment on the Asian experience in the U.S.? And what can we – Asians, Asian-Americans, and their allies – do to help mitigate this hate and support these communities? Read here to find out.

Dillon Murphy

Are you interested in ways to enhance learning and memory for yourself or interested in improving your students’ learning? See this article for top tips to help students boost memory and learning as well as tips for better teaching skills.

Despite legal actions to curb underage use of e-cigarettes, youth continue to access vapes through a myriad of methods. A recent qualitative study explores the topic of underage access with young adults who vape regularly.

Gustavo A. Martir Luna

For a practical example, imagine that one day while strolling around your house, you notice that your fine china display has been smashed into pieces. You suspect that a burglar broke into your home and destroyed your precious dishware. You figure doing a Bayesian hypothesis test could help you get to the bottom of what occurred.We denote the burglar breaking in as our H and the smashed china as our E.We want to figure out the posterior probability of a burglar breaking into our home given the fact that all of your china has been destroyed. To do this, we need to fill in the other pieces of the equation.

Do you know what a Magnolia tree and the Pythagorean Theorem have in common? They are both eponyms, which are terms derived from people’s names (Strous & Edelman, 2007). Eponyms are often used to honor someone’s achievements, however, sometimes the person rewarded with a finding named after them was not actually the one to discover it in the first place.