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Today we are joined by Dr. Janet Tomiyama from ucla to talk about the issues that prevent dieting success, including stress and stigma.

Today, we are joined by Dr. Jennifer Silvers from UCLA to talk about emotional regulation and early life stress.


Do you learn better by your eye or ear? Research has shown that memory is better for information we learn visually than aurally. Yet, to ensure optimal learning one must consider the use of multisensory integration, or the simultaneous use of both visual and auditory aids.

Have you ever tried to predict the grade you would receive on an exam? If so, how did you do it? The answer is through metacognition. We discuss strategies students can employ to improve metacognitive accuracy and subsequent memory performance.


Did curiosity really kill the cat? The idiom “curiosity killed the cat” warns against the danger and misfortune that one’s curiosity can bring, but it turns out that curiosity is more beneficial than you might think.

Have you ever been in a situation in which you recognize someone but cannot quite recall their name? Or do you have a grandparent who struggles to remember names? We describe evidence-based techniques that could be used to enhance your memory for names.

Suzanna Donato

Why does [insert your name here] feel this way? ‘Distancing’ yourself from the situation when you reflect on negative past events might be an easy way to make you feel better. A recent study demonstrated that distanced self-talk decreased negative feelings about a wide range of memories, and across a variety of people.

Our memories ultimately determine who we are in the present; however, even our shared experiences are subjective, especially because such memories become distorted over time. But why does this happen in the first place?


A common but seldom named task is the basis of several modern

Our ancestors evolved alongside friendly microbes. Today, many of these “old friends” have disappeared from our lives. Can we return to the microbial landscape of our past – and should we?

The decision to take a gap year before graduate school can be a tough one. There are many benefits of a gap year and also countless obstacles to taking one. Either way, make sure you make the right choice for you!

Rosy retrospection is the tendency for an individual to evaluate the past more favorably than the present. When the passage of time allows people to recall events through a rosy lens, this may be an adaptive process to maintain well-being.

Lucy Cui

Colors play an important role in data visualization. They can enable an elegant, easy-to-read visualization, but can also confuse viewers when used incorrectly. Read about how to better use colors for your next visualization here.

Anhedonia is a transdiagnostic symptom. Here, we explore what that means and why we should care.