The Convenience of Therapy on your Computer

Finding a good therapist is important. As a graduate student in clinical psychology, I am often asked where to find one. Typically, I would recommend the psychology clinic associated with my university, or point them in the direction of therapists who use empirically supported treatments. Yet, there remains several obstacles for reaching a therapist. These include financial concerns, fears about therapy itself, and the availability of appropriate treatments in various geographical regions. Innovations in psychological treatment delivery provides potential solutions to these concerns.
A recent article suggested that the delivery of psychological services consider taking alternative options to one-on-one treatment. Web-based service delivery, also known as telehealth, can reach individuals in the comfort of their own home computer. Research on the effectiveness on telehealth treatments for individuals with PTSD found that these treatments produce results better than no treatment at all, but not quite as effective as those who experienced face-to-face treatment.

Seeing a therapist online, or walking through treatment modules on an individual basis, are growing options for individuals seeking help, especially those who experience the barriers keeping them from individual therapy.