Abortion does not cause mental illness

From Science Sounds:
A recent article in the New York Times reported results from an APA study that concluded that abortion does not cause mental illness. The full title of the article is “Abortion Does Not Cause Mental Illness, Panel Says.” Maybe I am being paranoid, but somehow that title calls the results into question (as in, “a panel claims this, but we’re still not sure”). However, in the brief summary, the author points out that these results are the same as results from a large scale review of evidence in 1990. So, why are we continuing to ask this question? Is it because conservative forces are hoping that we’ll find something that gives credence to the idea that women shouldn’t have control over their own bodies? Given that this finding has been replicated in two large studies now, for my money, I’d rather invest in exploring mental health consequences of issues that have less to do with partisan politics and more to do with actual risk.