Conservatives have a more balanced moral perspective than Liberals?!

Well, sort of. Traditionally, academics have argued that our sense of right and wrong is based on the harm that might occur or the rights that might be violated as a result of our judgments. But according to Psychologist Jonathan Haidt (2007), people have (at least) five innately prepared moral concerns. Included are sensitivities to harm and fairness, but also respect for authority, preference for ingroup members, and a sense of spiritual purity. Moreover, Haidt has found that as you become more liberal (which academics tend to be), you base moral judgments primarily on concerns with harm and fairness, caring less about authority, who the people involved are, or whether the action is ‘pure’. In contrast, as people become more conservative they tend to rely on all five concerns equally when making moral judgments.  See Haidt giving a talk on this subject to the New Yorker at this link