Community Outreach

10/21/2013 – Brain demonstration with UCLA undergraduate students

10/19/2013 – STEAM Nation – Demonstrated a human brain at the Brain Booth (with Interaxon)

3/5/2012 – Pacific Palisades Elementary School – Talks on behavior modification, perceptual learning, and study tips

2/25/2011 – Chrysalis – Talk on working with at-risk populations

1/24/2011 – Pacific Palisades Elementary School – Talk on “Parenting in the Digital Age”

12/10/2010 – Hamilton High School – Presentation to AP Psychology and Psychology classes on conducting research in psychology

5/5/2010 – Daniel Friedman Elementary – Presentation to 4th and 5th graders on impact of media on children

3/14/2010 – Pacific Palisades Elementary School – Talk on Addiction

2/09/2010 – Pacific Palisades Elementary School – Talk on Internet-use

1/28/2010 – Burroughs Middle School – Talk on Cyber-bullying and the Internet


If you would like to talk to us about planning an outreach event with your organization, please email: outreach@psychologyinaction.org

Genna Erlikhman

Genna's primary research interests include shape and object perception, contour interpolation, amodal and modal completion and 3D shape perception. He also has secret interests in affordances and categorization. Genna graduated from UCLA in 2014 with his Ph.D. in cognitive psychology, and is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Nevada, Reno. Outside the lab, Genna likes hiking, reading, tea-drinking, scrabble-playing, and occasionally brewing a yummy beer.

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