Top 10 Articles

(Calculated using data from July, 2015 through July, 2016)

1 – What is a confounding variable?  (2,200+ hits)
2 – Me, Myselfie, and I: The Psychological Impact of Social Media Activity (1,800+ hits)
3 – Psychology Classics: Piaget’s Stages of Cognitive Development ( 1,800+ hits)
4 – Light it up! (1,600+ hits)
5 – Mediating and Moderating Variables Explained (1,500+ hits)
6 – “Silver Linings Playbook” Makes a Hit Film Out of a Risky Concept: A Romantic Comedy about the Mentally Ill (1,500+ hits)
7 – Personality Disorders in the Media (1,300+ hits)
8 – Psychology Classics: Wason Selection Task (Part I) : (1,300+ hits)
9 – Reinforcement vs Punishment: from Animal Training to Theology (1,200+ hits)
10 – Muscles and the Mind — See for Yourself (1,100+ hits)

Stacy Shaw

Stacy Shaw

Stacy is a second-year graduate student in the developmental area with interests in mathematics and science learning, as well as creativity and divergent thinking. A former competitive public speaker and volunteer ambassador for the Chabot Space and Science Center, Stacy is also interested in scientific communication and open science. She received her bachelor’s degree from California State University, East Bay in human development, with minors in psychology and statistics.
Stacy Shaw

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