The field of psychology publishes interesting, important, and potentially life-altering information at a rapid rate, but most research findings rarely reach public awareness.  Psychology in Action is an organization formed by UCLA Psychology doctoral students to help ameliorate this issue through scientific communication. Our aim is to elaborate, connect, and help explain psychological research to community members and other interested parties outside of our field.

We believe that psychological research is not only for the consumption of other clinicians and researchers, but that our broadest impact in our quest to discover how the mind works, what drives us, and how do we differ from one another, is to make it known to the world outside of academia.

As psychology doctoral students, we believe that dissemination of research findings and data in psychological research is critical. We attempt to reach this goal of knowledge dissemination through community outreach events, annual interdisciplinary symposia, and our blog.

The writing on this blog reflects the thoughts and opinions of individual article authors. It should not be considered to be reflective of the opinions, or policies, of any organization or any other individuals aside from those specificallymentioned as contributors.

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Psychology in Action was founded in 2008 by Adi Jaffe as a medium for psychology graduate students to share important research to the general public.  Since then, the blog has grown dramatically in both authorship and readership (from 600 views per month in 2009, t0 14,000 views per month in 2012, and 20,700 in 2015), and the organization has expanded to include other initiatives, such as community outreach events beginning in 2010, newsletter between 2010-2012, and annual interdisciplinary symposia beginning in 2012.  The group is run entirely by graduate students from UCLA’s Psychology Department on a volunteer basis, with great help and support from our faculty mentor, Dr. Jaana Juvonen.

Guest Contributors

Psychology in Action receives many requests from individuals to post guest articles relating to psychology on our blog. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept guest submissions because we are a graduate student based blog and only current students in our department or active alumni may submit posts.


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